Buffalo / Yellowstone 
Road Trip East / 2014
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saturday has me embracing the first quarter century of my life: it’s been sweet, buds. ✌️
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What my mother told me about falling in love (via pagibigdatcom)

this world stinks (my mom told me this too)

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Gianni Pettena
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Some more vintage Grand Canyon

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Cabin, New Mexico
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As a tribute to National Parks Week, here’s a #TBT from Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah. In this short, we see Dan Perkins (USGS) standing on his horse “Cap” on top of Owachomo Bridge. We’re assuming, of course, that the horse didn’t get spooked suddenly. Thanks Dan for your bravery. Circa 1925. Credit: Lee, W.T., USGS
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Te-Ata (aka Bearer Of The Morning) - Chickasaw - circa 1930
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